G-Research is a fast growing, well established Quant Finance company, located in central London. Our Quantitative Researchers develop ideas to predict returns in global markets by finding patterns in large noisy and rapidly changing data sets, using techniques such as time series analysis, probability theory and regression analysis. We provide a stimulating environment where original and profitable ideas are at a premium. We have opportunities for candidates to apply mathematical concepts to real-world problems.

We offer fantastic opportunities for postgraduates looking for a career in a fun, vibrant and stimulating environment. Whether you are a mathematician, physicist, statistician or an engineer, G-Research can offer you a rewarding career. All our researchers are extremely strong mathematical problem solvers, with outstanding undergraduate backgrounds. About half have PhDs and several have spent time as postdocs. If the idea of working within a small team of highly talented individuals looking for patterns in large dirty sets of data appeals, then please take a look out our Internship and Full Time Positions!